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Congratulations to all Kung Fu Graduates

Congratulations on an awesome job in receiving your new Kung Fu sashes!
An extra congrats goes out to Jim for getting his Black Sash!

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Our Kung Fu Style

The style of kung fu we do is a Northern Shaolin Long-fist called Huaquan (Glorious Boxing). This style involves movements of all of the muscle groups in your body including the joints and internal organs. It will strengthen the upper and lower limbs while working on developing flexibility in the knees, hips and shoulders. It will also build elasticity of the waist and teach the student how to control their breath during physical activity. This type of training is rigorous but all these elements play an important role in long-fist kung fu. There is an old saying that states:Practice boxing without exercising the legs, and you shall blunder into old age; practice boxing without exercising the waist and you shall never achieve expertise.” Statements like this remind us how important it is to train the body correctly and consistently while taking our time to build the proper fundamentals necessary for success. To be successful in long-fist a student must attend class at least three times per week on a consistent basis. Anything less will not allow the training to build the body correctly over time and run the risk of injury.

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Kung Fu Class Outline

Monday through Thursday is where rank specific required curriculum is taught.

Monday & Wednesday is where advanced (brown and up) curriculum is taught. Sashes (blue and under) are welcome to train but will be dismissed early (re-entering the blue floor will not be permitted).

Tuesday & Thursday is where beginner - intermediate (blue and under) curriculum is taught. Sashes (brown and up) are welcome to train but will be dismissed early (re-entering the blue floor will not be permitted).

Saturday is focused on bag work, review, and sparring concepts. All ranks welcome.

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