Newsletter July 2018


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School Newsletter - July 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
What shoes can I wear to class?
You can wear any type of shoe you like as long as they are BLACK, and are NEVER used outside of the school. Do not change into your shoes at home or in the car before entering the school. We ask all students to please be courteous and carry their training shoes into the school before changing into them. This will help keep our training floor clean.
About Kung Fu
Three Steps To Learning Forms
  1. You must first "burn the moves into memory"
  2. You then flow through the form and burn it into the body's memory
  3. Once you can flow through the form with ease, it is time to start to really practice the form and bring it to life
In May we covered how to "burn the moves into memory." Last month we covered how to "burn the moves into the body's memory." This month we would like to finish with:

3. Bringing The Form To Life:
Once you have gone through the first two stages you are now ready to start the process of polishing, refining and "bringing the form to life." How do you bring the form to life? You bring a form to life by adding speed, power and a sense of an opponent. Where is the opponent? Where does the power come from? Are you flowing with good speed, power and balance? Your form cannot be an empty shell but must contain the concept of an imaginary opponent to give you the intent behind the moves. This way you will understand where to add speed and power to make the form lively and realistic. Are you kicking? Punching? Pulling? Pushing? All these moves must have the proper intent and power behind them in order to work. Therefore, the form must display these moves as if being done for real to save your life on an imaginary opponent. This trains the mind and body to be one. One thought - one action.
A form without life is but an empty shell. By adding speed, power and giving the form an imaginary opponent we bring the form to life. Once the form has life you will feel the true power and energy it has to offer, bringing your kung fu to a higher level. Keep the form fluid and real to reap all the benefits the ancient masters designed it for. Practice hard and "bring the form to life."
About Tai Chi
Since Tai Chi is based on the principles of Taoist philosophy, the goal of the practice should be to pursue human development to its fullest potential. In the process of cultivating good health, it will also teach you how to attain the ultimate level of effectiveness and efficiency in your movements. This will lead to a deeper understanding of Tai Chi as it develops health and strength with every class.
"Training of the mind and body leads to awareness of the soul." - Bks Iyengar