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Congratulations to all Kung Fu Graduates


Great job guys!!

Everyone did fantastic on testing! Way to go!

Don't forget to see more pictures at

Also check out our new class training and sparring video from CNY on our YouTube Channel.

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Traditional Training

Traditional martial arts training refers to training in a martial art that is rooted in the tenets set forth by the original master of the art. Subsequent masters are chosen to carry on the traditional teachings of that particular art. Often, the traditional martial art is rooted in a country’s history.

As such, traditional martial arts training implies that a student uphold the philosophical principles of the art and practice its techniques in a fashion similar to the founder’s or in the style’s natural progression.

The lineage between students and masters is very important in traditional martial arts training.

Our Kung Fu style, a traditional Northern Longfist called Huaquan (Glorious Boxing), can be traced from Sigung to his teacher Master Chen Hei Fuk, back to the last recorded grandmaster of this style, Grandmaster Cai Guiging.

Our Tai Chi style, traditional Yang style was taught to Sigung by Master Kai Chi Leung and Master Lin Lin Harn, son in law and daughter of the famous Grandmaster Harn Chin Tang.

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New Mirrors!

The school looks great with new mirrors guys!

Thanks again for your Chinese New Year red envelopes!

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Old Black Sash Reaches Out

Hello Ma'am,

Happy Chinese New Year to you, Sigung and everybody at the Temple .  I'm sorry that I haven't reached out more often.  I hope that you and Sigung are doing well!

Kung fu still rocks!

Chin Sifu Sara,

Sihing Scott


Hello Sihing Scott!

What a great surprise it was to see your name pop up on my e-mail!

In fact, I was just thinking of you the other day as I have the little wooden asian plaque that you gave me hanging above the doorway in the school that reminds me of you and my old Franklin school team.

I hope you have been getting the things you want and need out of life.

Sigung and I have been well – this Chinese New Year was a great success and we are very proud of how all of our students are progressing with their kung fu studies as well as the strong brotherhood that is bonding more and more as each year passes.

Sifu Gary brought the Worcester team again this year – 20 people! It was great to see the schools intermix and find they are all part of one big kung fu whole.

It is too true what you say – kung fu still rocks! Let me know if I can help you get back in the mix. You are always welcome.

Check out our new website when you get a chance!

Take care and thanks for getting in touch!

=) Sifu Sara

Wow and what a super nice surprise to see your email response this morning!  I'm glad to know that you and Sigung are doing well.  I'm also glad that Sifu Gary and school are also well.  I want to reach out to Sifu Gary soon.  What an honor for you to have hung the plaque in your shcool.  Thank you!  I hope to see it one day. 

I have gotten a lot out of life but it's not 100% fulfilled. I feel like I could have gotten so much more if I continued training.  Stephanie and I definitely made some changes.  Most of them for the best.  Hopefully I can find it within myself to get back in to the mix and try to regain what I feel has been lost.  I appreciate your support as you and Sigung have always been very supportive!  I've thought about you and and Sigung and kung fu on a regular basis pretty much since the last time I attended school.  Kung fu helped me succeed to this point.  It helped get me on track roughly 15 years ago but I've lost something and it doesn't feel the same.  I think It's the brotherhood, support and friendship that I miss.

I've always told Stephanie that we should continue our training and pursue our passion.  For Stephanie kung fu is horse back riding.  When I was training kung fu, I was in the best shape of my life.  It helped me immensely at work and everyday life.

I'm glad you mentioned your new website.  I've been on your website many times over the past couple years. Seeing It gives me strenghth and to know where I came from. It's nice to see kungfu buddies and new students.  It helps me remember and aspires me to train.  Some times training had to be done at work or in my head.

I want to tell you that I really love you and Sigung's editorial, your story, your truth..They are huge and inspiring.  Wow...You guys are amazing!  You have put so much hard work in to your training throughout your life, doing what you love and I truly,truly envy that!  I am glad that you did it for all to see.  I definitely have to see it again and again!  I remember some of those places too.  It brings back fond memories.  Really nice work ma'am!

It was great catching up with you ma'am. Thanks for your continued support.  I'm slowly putting myself back together mentally and physically so that one day I can feel like a worthy black sash

Sincere regards Sifu Sara,

Sihing Scott

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Made It Home!


Our Massachusetts team made it back home safely yesterday after a 14 hour drive. They left at 1:30 AM to try to avoid as much as they can of the big snow storm that was coming to Worcester, late Monday afternoon. The storm came a little early and extended their drive by a few extra hours.

Nonetheless, they made it home and loved the trip, the school, spending valuable time with Sigung and Sifu Sara and getting to train together with all the Tai Chi and Kung Fu students of Chesapeake.

Great job guys, and we are all glad to hear you made it back home safely! 

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Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Excellent Chinese New Year!

All the students did a great job and the demos were awesome!

We are proud of all our students and want to thank them for coming together on this very special day. It is wonderful to see all the Shaolin Kung Fu Center schools (Chesapeake, Worcester & Maynard) training together as one big family.

Definitely kung fu and tai chi at it's best!

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

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Congratulations to all Tai Chi graduates!

Great job to all the Tai Chi graduates! It was a great test and everyone did well. You can see some more Tai Chi graduation pictures on our main site under pictures.

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Welcome to our new student site!

We would like to welcome all of our students to our new website which includes a student only section.

Our new site is designed to work across all platforms, so you can access it from any device.

Our student site will include history, training tips, videos and a lot more as time goes on. If you have any questions, feel free to post them. Student input is always wanted and encouraged.

We are looking forward towards another great year of training as we strive for better health, greater strength and competent skills!

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