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Chinese New Year 2018

Thank You Chesapeake Tai Chi & Kung Fu students for your outstanding support of our Chinese New Year celebration!

The student generosity this year was incredible!! Sigung & Sifu Sara are so grateful for such wonderful students and such a successful school.

A special thanks to Sifu Gary and his Massachusetts team for their dedication and their beautiful gifts of the custom hand made wooden swords for Sigung & Sifu Sara.

We would also like to thank Ada from Yumi Yumi in Chesapeake for the unique Chinese New Year cake that she made personally as a gift for our celebration. 



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Congratulations to all Tai Chi Graduates

Another Great Tai Chi  Sash Ranking!

Congratulations on an awesome job receiving your new Tai Chi sashes!

Congratulations  Debbie!!

For getting her Tai Chi Black Sash. Keep up the great work!

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